2012 Southern Italy

During the meeting a magnitude Ml5.0 Mw 5.2 stroke in the Pollino area.
INGV updated the ERN sending updated  epicentral map with  seismic network: temporary real time  stations T0701 and T0702  which were  installed there in the past months (June 2012)

(Station MMN of the National seismic network is covered by the epicenters symbols and is located just above the main seismicity cluster)

An INGV team installed  i 5 stand-alone stations ( Le1Hz and episensor) T0721-T0725 fulfilling  the duty vs Dipartimento di Protezione Civile in the following 2 days (26 and 27 October). Data will be soon available on EIDA. The station T0724 on November 15th started to be transmitted in real time to the monitoring room in Rome (UMTS transmission)

GFZ decide to install seismic stations in the Pollino area. A joint GFZ-Potsdam-INGV mission to the Pollino area was realized from 1 - 4 Nov 2012 (participants: Aladino Govoni INGV, Francesco Maccaferri, GFZ, Luigi Passarelli GFZ, Thomas Braun INGV).

In collaboration with Uni-Hamburg and Potsdam, we recently organized at Arezzo several temporary short term and long term seismic experiments, especially to study the natural and induced seismicity in the Upper Tiber Valley.

After an array installation from July 2010 to October 2011 (Ref. Prof. T. Dahm), three STS2.5 were deployed in the same area for more than 12 months (Ref. Dr. E. Rivalta).

Since it was already planned to shift these stations to Calabria in 2013, we decided to prepone the installation of those stations to the Pollino area, considering the recent evolution of the seismicity in this area. 

In this way we accomplished an ordinary mission with some emergency character. However, from 1-4 Nov 2012 we installed 10 stand alone stations in the area around Mormanno.

- 3 Broadband stations: Reftek 130 + STS 2.5 Sensors, deployed SW (CSA1 - Contrada Scorpari, near Orsomarso), SE (CSB1 - San Basile) and N (CSC1 - Casteluccio), with respect to the epicentral area.

- 5 shortperiod stations: Earth Data Logger + Mark L43c, deployed around the Orsomarso BB-sensor (CSA1) as array (CSA2/3/4/5/6).

- 2 accelerometres: Kinemetrics Altus, installed one at the array site (CSA0) and one at the historic centre of Mormanno (CSM0 - near the INGV-station MMN)

Continuous data will not be available before the beginning of 2013.

This joint experiment is a very motivating and positive example of international scientific collaboration in a difficult period.