2014 Chile, Iquique

On 1 April, 23:46:50 UTC, an Mw 8.1 earthquake ruptured offshore northern Chile, near the town of Pisagua northwest of Iquique, in the centre of the Integrated Plate boundary Observatory Chile (IPOC). The event occurred within a seismic gap left behind by two great earthquakes devastating the northern Chilean and southern Peruvian coast about 140 years ago in 1868 and 1877 where the the Nazca plate subducts eastward beneath the South American plate at a rate of ~65 mm/yr. This segment, about 500 km long, was the only one along the Chilean subduction zone that has not ruptured within the last century. The two neighbouring segments to the north and south broke in 2001 and 1995, causing magnitude 8.4 and 8.1 earthquakes respectively

Information on the webpages GFZ and IPOC

GFZ is currently preparing a field response mission with around 20-30
seismic stations.

The Chilean partners are also planning to install 20-30
additional stations.