2014 Greece, Cephalonia Island

An earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occured in Western Greece, on January 26th, 2014 at 13:55 UTC, close to the Cephalonia Island. This is the starting point of a long sequence of seismicity with earthquakes above magnitude 4 in the region. Damages are reported in the city of Argostoli.

An ITSAK team installed 3 accelerometers in the epicentral area (along the rapture zone) and two seismometers (one at the North of the island- Fiskardo and the other one at the rock site close to Argostoli).

NOA has in operation on the Cephalonia Island:

4 Seismometer: Geoinstruments Smart24  equipped with a Lennartz 3D-20secsensor

1 permanent Seismometer: Geoinstruments Plc DR-24  connected to a Trillium 120P sensor

3 Accelerometer: 2 A-800 in triggered mode and 1 Guralp CMG-5TD in continuous mode

8 days later, on February 3th, 2014 at y07:00 UTC, a magnitude 6.0 occurred 20 km west from the January 26th event.